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Business Coach – Gold Coast millionaire, too. That’s Blair Harding, who is making his skills and experience available to business owners like you. Blair can show you how to move an ordinary business into the million-dollar bracket. He really can. He did it himself, and he can help you reach the same heights of business success.

Blair Harding did it tough. He didn’t come from a wealthy family; he rolled up his sleeves and put his entrepreneurial ideas into practice with a lot of hard work. By the age of 26, he commanded millions of dollars. Now, he’s putting his flair and experience to use for the benefit of others, through business coaching. Gold Coast business owners, are you listening?

Like you, Blair started on a small-scale. He tested his ideas until he found success. He knows what it’s like on the front-line. In fact, the first business opportunity he turned into gold was spray-painting house numbers on the curb for easier identification. He was still in school at the time, and sold the service by personally knocking on people’s doors. Now that’s putting yourself out there – and he made $1500 per week.

He is a natural entrepreneur, and has owned a number of high-performing businesses, including a Brisbane day spa and a multi-million dollar property development company. He now divides his time between the Gold Coast luxury retreat that he owns, and his thriving practice as a business coach. Gold Coast entrepreneurs have this extraordinary resource within their reach today.

Go for Gold

Blair Harding is quick to grasp an opportunity. He has a flair for seeing possibilities, which is one of the skills he uses to help businesses double and triple their income.

When he heard about business coaching, Gold Coast based Blair knew he had found his next challenge. Typically, before committing himself to a coaching method, Blair put serious time into exploring the foundation and practical application of every modern coaching platform across the globe.

Blair chose ActionCOACH Business Coaching, and quickly became one of their top-rated coaches. Are you ready to turn your dreams into gold with Blair’s help?

Live the Dream

Blair doesn’t waffle, and he doesn’t waste your time. He wants to make things happen for you fast. You haven’t had a holiday in years? Blair can help you make it happen. Need more customers? Working with a Brisbane hotel management team, Blair gave them the confidence to increase their charges for overnight accommodation by over 100%. By the time he was done, occupancy rates had increased from under 50% to over 90%!

This is just one example of his significant impact on the bottom line. Blair regularly delivers results like these, and he can help your business achieve similarly impressive performance results.

Blair is one of the most successful coaches on the planet. He has the skill and experience to help you turn your small or medium-sized business into a market force, whether that’s in your current area or expanding into new growth areas. Yes, he’ll help you make it happen – IF you’re serious about moving into the million-dollar bracket. If the idea makes you feel uneasy, Blair’s probably not the right business coach for you.

The Right Person at the Right Time

You could benefit from one-to-one support from a business coach who knows what it feels like where you are, and who worked through the pain to build success from scratch. The path to success can be littered with blind alleys and potholes. With Blair at your side, it’s like having the best trail guide in the world marking a path for you across the wilderness.

That’s not to say that all you get from Blair is support, ideas and encouragement. Among the most productive work Blair can do with you is the space he creates for reflection. That’s when he helps you step outside your usual world view, to generate the ideas that lead to dynamic transformation in your business. There’s no worry that your ideas won’t work. Blair uses his talent and experience to help you shape practical solutions quickly.

He’ll do WHATEVER IT TAKES to help you set and achieve goals. That means you can expect Blair to challenge you when necessary, in order to get you to look beyond what you might think is possible. Where you might see only trees, Blair can see the forest, and he can help you see it too, along with all its opportunities and risks. He will also help you to stay on track, adjusting and refining plans and initiatives as you go.

Blair’s business coaching Gold Coast is a resource, just like any other specialist you might call on. Of course, you can read about the theory and do some exercises, but there is no substitute for the experience a successful trail-blazer like Blair can offer when he’s sitting right there in front of you, providing objective insight into your business.

Yes, there are other coaches out there – a lot actually. But how many have built high quality million-dollar businesses? You’ll find few who can equal Blair’s experience of successfully managing the challenges, crises and tensions of growth that arise on the way to a million-dollar business. These are just the same kind of issues that you face, and he knows how to crack them.

Business people recognise Blair’s qualities and track record, and he’s in demand around Australia – because people know he can help them build a million-dollar business. That enables Blair to be is selective in who he takes on, and his rates are commensurate with the results he delivers (weekly coaching starts at $3,300 per month. Group coaching is available at much lower rates). 

Right For You?

So who might benefit from business coaching? Gold Coast business people should NOT apply if they are…

Not in a hurry: Blair is all about action. Getting things done is what made him rich. And it’s how he helps his clients add millions to their business bottom line. He’ll give you support, and he can tell you how, but it’s down to you to make it happen and make it happen now.

Frightened of change: you know the saying – if you want the same results you’ve always got, keep on doing things the same way. You work with Blair because that strategy’s no longer good enough, and you want to change.

A bit of fear is good because it helps get the adrenaline flowing, but if you let it stop you, that million dollars is going to stay out of reach and you won’t become the extraordinary business force you always dreamed of being.

When Blair is their business coach, Gold Coast entrepreneurs who are committed to success learn how to create dynamic change in business and life.

Not serious about becoming rich: if you are not completely committed to success, Blair is not for you. If you’re not focussed on your goal, Blair is not for you. If you have the energy, passion and focus required to become a millionaire, then Blair may be the person to inspire you to the heights of success.

Seeking emotional support: if you want someone to pat you on the shoulder and tell you it’ll all work out, Blair is not your man. Let’s be clear, you engage Blair because you’re ready to get rich. That’s Blair’s focus. For anything else you need another type of specialist.

Not 100% honest: Blair isn’t interested in cutting corners or being less than 100% ethical. If those aren’t your values, then you’re wasting your time reading this. Blair will not work with you.

Are you Ready to Make it Happen?

YES, you are if you….

Are impatient: Blair is, and he prefers to work with others who are in a hurry, and hungry for success. Is “NOW” your watchword? If you want success NOW, business growth NOW and massive profits NOW then Blair will be right there giving you the support you need.

Are fed up with being average:If you’re ready to make the leap, if you can handle dynamic change, if you know things need to change and you’re ready to do whatever it takes – then you might be ready for Blair. He’ll provide you with an honest role model for success.

Are passionate about achieving success: If you want to look back in 12 months’ time and trace how your business has doubled or trebled, you are likely to soak up what Blair can teach you. Have you dreamed of selling out for a fortune or handing the day-to-day over to someone else? Blair could help you achieve these dreams.

Understand the need for hard work: If you understand that success doesn’t come without rolling up your sleeves and putting in the hard yards, Blair might be your business coach. Gold Coast business people should understand that Blair can show you where to focus energy to achieve dreams.

No one said it would be effortless, but keep your eye on the goal and you may get there much faster than you ever thought possible.

Want to manage staff better: Do you sometimes feel staff members are not giving 100%, but you don’t know how to help them achieve reliable high-quality performance? Does this stop you taking a holiday? Blair can show you how to build an enthusiastic team who will be proud to show you how they’ve grown the business while you were away. YES, it’s possible. Blair has done it and he wouldn’t have it any other way!

Want to live life on your own terms: Whether you dream of saying goodbye to the mortgage, building an investment portfolio or travelling the world, you can do it. It doesn’t matter how old you are, it could all be within your grasp. Is there a good reason you should not have the life you always hoped for?

Interested but Apprehensive?

It’s understandable to hesitate, but it’s not as if you are Blair’s first client. This is a well-proven method. Blair is an exceptional business coach, Gold Coast businesses are exceptionally lucky to have the opportunity to work with him.

Blair came from ordinary stock, but he resolved to make his life a major success. He did it by setting himself serious goals and achieving them through 100% committed effort. Now he’s rich. You can be too. Have you got the will power and self-discipline to make it happen?

Achieve Success

Setting goals with little idea how to achieve them, combined with procrastination, can make you wonder if anything is ever going to go your way. That’s not the case here, but let’s be clear, Blair can’t guarantee to make you a millionaire. He can teach you how and show you what to do but YOU still have to do it. There are no short cuts in life. Success can happen, it can be spectacular and it can be quick – but YOU have to put your shoulder to the wheel.

Blair has worked with 117 businesses and more. Allied to his business experience, that adds up to a significant package. Not only can he bring his business experience to your aid, he can bring to the table his experience in business coaching. Gold Coast business people, if you are willing to LISTEN and ACT you can achieve your dreams.

Go Platinum – From $3,300 Per Month

You can start the process of securing personal Business Coaching with Blair Harding, by completing the form below. What happens next is that Blair’s assistant will contact you for further details.

Should $3,300 be beyond your current resources (even though the total added value is worth tens of thousands) Blair’s Business Mastery Group Coaching may be a better fit. Please phone 0417 992 791, to find out more.


Not quite convinced? Want to mull it over? That’s fine, you don’t need to decide this minute. If you are unsure, why not wait? You can always take a deep breath, read another book, set some goals, write another strategy and attempt to galvanise your team behind it.

Or can you? You know and I know that you’ve already been down this road. You wouldn’t be reading this if it had shown serious signs of working. Remember, if you keep on doing the same thing, you’ll get the same results. Worse, you might lose motivation entirely.

Honestly? It doesn’t have to be like that. Blair can show you proven steps to success. He wouldn’t have made himself a millionaire at 26 if he didn’t know what works. He wouldn’t have had over 117 coaching clients if he couldn’t help business owners like you. You deserve success, so why not take advantage of some serious specialist know-how and take it to the next level in business and in your life?

Green Light?

Ready to press the button? This could be YOUR YEAR – the year it all comes together. Having made the decision – take the next step straight away. If you’re serious about doing WHATEVER IT TAKES to make this year the one you look back on as the year you made the leap from ordinary to extraordinary – take action right now.

Pick up the phone right now and call Blair direct on 0417 992 791.

Of course, the above results are EXTRAORDINARY. Business owners should expect similar results ONLY if they are prepared to become extraordinary too.  


Blair provides his clients with a 17 week, seven-point guarantee – with the backing of the world’s largest coaching organisation.